Beer fund for someone who can create a current os?

Hello all, i would be glad to contribute to a beer fund (usd 5 - usd 10) to say thank you to someone who would port the kernel changes to the current version of raspberry os. I would think others may join

Any takers please?


there is already one, it is in the postmarket-os repo, but its a new kernel. worst case it requires a reconfigure and a rebuild, but it should work on bookworm.

I do not know how to do this. I gladly pay you a beer if you are willing to try?

sadly i only have a CM4 with eMMC, so i cant swap SD cards for such tests and i dont want to ruin my current setup :slight_smile:

I mean couldnt you just copy your emmc to an sd/hard drive as an .img using dd, i mean it would be a good way of backing it up not just to share the image

sure, but i would have to disassemble and reassemble everytime i need to change something on the kernel, which would be required a lot when working with kernels and the cm4 connector doesnt seem like it could withstand a lot of re-plugging.

I’ll pitch in 10 USD. I’m really surprised that there isn’t anyone in this community of enthusiasts whos already pumping out the builds. Somebody get Jeff Geerling on this stat!

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Snoozer did you give up on your attempts? I see your GitHub hasn’t been updated in a while.

No just been working on other stuff i had in mind, pwnagotchi, steam, esp32s… but i have a spare 32gb sd card to work on the os side of things again. I did have a little look see on the guide the guy who did the kali image did. Its a lot smoother as a config so ill be updating my guide soon.
Will probably have a crack at it tomorrow, today was all kinds of busy with both my own projects and tortoise sitting.


i uploaded my compiled kernel (tbh the complete /boot) from postmarketos to my github repo:
this should be the official raspi kernel 6.1.74-v8 with all requirements for the uconsole patched in.

maybe someone wants to try if this kernel is bootable with raspberry os bookworm without any modifications.

If yes i would volunteer to create a bookworm based image ready to flash using raspi imager.


I have in mind of making an arch/manjaro img with latest rpi kernel (6.6?). Anyone interested?

Snoozer-94 I guess is your github, right Snoozer?

I do have plans on doing manjaro but if you make it and upload it ill link your github to it, i kinda need to do some maintenance on my github anyway

Good by me, I still don’t have it yet so, another pinned thing xD

Sadly, it’s not going to work, because you are not providing your kernel modules, which are out of /boot in /lib/modules/

duh sorry seems like my brain was already in weekend mode. Will upload them shortly.

I would support that and chip in as well for a full flashable image

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Unfortunately, did not work for me. How was I testing:

  • got official 2024-03-15-raspios-bookworm-arm64-lite.img
  • dd’ed it to sd card, put it into hdmi-connected uconsole, to make sure ir boots
  • it booted with external monitor, and went initial setup
  • powered off uconsole, removed sd card, mounted its root and boot on another linux machine, removed contents of the boot altogether, extracted boot/* from there, and modules/* to lib/modules/, doublechecked paths and file permissions, umounted partitions from linux and put it back to hdmi connected uconsole
  • power button reacts, screen backlit goes on, but no any output on both internal screen and HDMI
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thank you for testing. just to make sure: did you extract the whole boot config or did you only overwrite the vmlinuz and initramfs?

The whole boot/ , like:

sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/
sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/boot/
sudo rm -rf /mnt/boot/*
sudo unzip -d /mnt/
sudo unzip -d /mnt/lib/

afaik bookworm has a different boot layout (using boo/firmware etc). can you try again only changing the kernel?