HDMI output display is corrupted

I just tried out the HDMI output on the GameShell and the screen is heavily corrupted with a pattern of green “static” dots for lack of a better description. The screen also blanks out every few seconds but always comes back. I can see and interact with the launcher when it is visible.

I’m using a new micro HDMI cable (not an adapter), so I doubt it’s a faulty cable.

Has anyone seen this before?

I believe I’m using GameShell OS v0.23 (though it would be nice if there were some way I could determine this from the command line).

It does appear to be a faulty micro HDMI cable. I switched the cable to a different HDMI port on the monitor and there was much less screen corruption, and the screen no longer blanked out periodically. I was able to basically use the desktop.

Also, I upgraded to v0.3 and the only difference I noticed was the addition of a Utils folder with a file manager. The Lima driver seems to be working fine for me as well.