Help: Game shell LCD no display

The situation is as follows:
I have purchased a brand new game shell with a core board using version 3.1. After I assembled it according to the instructions, I found that when I pressed the power button, a green indicator light would light up, but the display screen did not change at all, and it looked like there was no backlight. However, sometimes I find that there is sound from the speaker and the button on the back will light up when pressed, but in most cases it will not make any sound at all, no matter which button I press.

At first, I thought that brand new hardware like this would not malfunction, so I checked the LCD’s connection cables and interfaces and tried to unplug and plug them again, but the problem was not resolved. What I’m not sure about is that I may have unplugged the monitor module while the core board was booted, but I didn’t notice any sudden light up on the monitor during the unplugging process.

I began to suspect that some software bugs were causing the problem, so I went to my SD card and flashed in Clockwork OS version 0.5, but the problem still remained unresolved.

I’m starting to suspect that this LCD display screen is broken, but I don’t know how to troubleshoot it. If there is indeed a malfunction, can I purchase a new LCD display screen to replace it? Is there a similar service available from the official?

Thank you very much!

Apparently, some of the recent gameshells were shipped with the cable installed backwards. Maybe this thread will help:

(I got mine a long time ago and it worked without issue.)

Thank you very much! I carefully checked the connection cables of the LCD again and found that the cables were inserted upside down into the interface when leaving the factory. I manually flipped the ribbon cable, and now the display is back to normal.

P.S. I have bolded the important information to facilitate troubleshooting for those who encounter similar problems in the future.

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