No display on LCD but HDMI output works

Hey y’all.

I just received my gameshell and built it up, but it seems to be having problems with the display. Thought I would reach out to the community to see if there were any other things I could do to try and troubleshoot the screen.

Some things I’ve already checked.

  • I unplugged all the modules and just left the mainboard, plugged in power and a micro HDMI cable, and got video output. So I don’t think it’s the main board. I had to use a different sd card with a clean flash of GameShell OS to get video output. (Although it looks like it’s just stuck on the clockwork loading screen.)

  • I did receive assembly with the video cable installed backward, but reoriented it to have it fit fine, then reinstalled it to the mainboard. So at this point tried to power up just the mainboard and the screen together. But still no output on the LCD screen.

  • I checked the continuity with the ribbon cable between the mainboard and the screen and the cable looks fine.

  • I also reseated the LCD ribbon that goes from the screen to the daughterboard (the one attached to the screen itself.) Still no luck.

Any other ideas on what I can do to fix this? or do I just have a faulty screen?


I’ve been having the same issue of no screen display. I also had a screen whose ribbon cable was installed backwards which I had to fix. I originally thought it was a problem with the main logic board but perhaps it is the LCD. I’m gonna try to see if I can get display out of HDMI, but perhaps there was a batch of faulty LCD boards :frowning:

so you mean ,you can see the loading screen on LCD right ??

that is mean the LCD is ok

but the launcher may crashed

try new os image

GameShell OS Image v0.6 gamma

Just to cap off my post, I had a faulty LCD. Contacted support, they sent me a new one and it works fine now.

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