Problems in the image with HDMI

Hello partners.
I’m having problems playing with the GameShell through HDMI.
When I connect the GS to the monitor and I am in the main menu, the menu moves smoothly, without any type of delay.
It is not the same when I put a game through RetroArch, where the games are noticed as with small jumps in the image and makes the movement is not totally fluid.
With Cave Story I also notice those little jumps.
Any ideas to solve the problem? Thank you!

I can’t even get that. mine is sketchy and must be held in a very specific position to work properly. I thought it was the cable, but I replaced it with a new one and it still does it. it’s sort of annoying but considering that when i have used it with the HDMI I’m also using a keyboard/mouse its not a use breaking thing.

Contact the Customer services, your HDMI connector could be badly soldered or broken

I did. thank you Godzil

Do you all work RetroArch smoothly through HDMI? :thinking:

turned out to be the cable I bought from Amazon for my HDMI problem

My “problem” is that in the main menu of the GameShell, the movement is totally fluid. However, the same thing does not happen while I use RetroArch … and unfortunately nobody has been able to give me the solution.
I remember that I use version 0.2 … I do not know if version 0.3 will be the same, but unfortunately for me, version 0.3 presents many problems to use it.