Higan snes core in Retroarch

Hi, I noticed, I tried downloading a lot of different snes cores in retroarch, to try them out, but i found pretty much none of them work other than snes9x2005, snes9x2010, and plain snes9x.

I’ve tried some others available for download, including the higan_sfc but i cant ge tit to work, i load the core and a game, and nothing.

Anyone know about this higan core and why it wont work? its sppose to be one of the faster emulators, can play SuperFX games faster framerates than original snes .

You’ll need to properly import the Roms, then combine the co-processor into a single appended file, if you’re using one. Basically, you’ll be tethering yourself to a computer a lot just to get it to run. Once it’s running, the greater hardware requirements will make it run slower, make the Gameshell run hotter, and inevitably the battery will deplete faster.

Read the docs:

Higan is meant to be an accurate emulator; not a faster one. Playing at a higher frame rate would be counter intuitive to its ethos. You can already play at a faster frame rate with Snes9x 2010, eg using the super FX overclock. If anything it’s a workaround to overclock games to make them work at the expected speeds; not faster than the original hardware.

Unless it interpolates between frames (requiring A LOT of processing power), this will just be literally increasing the speed of each frame, essentially fast forwarding the “speed”, but not skipping frames. Ie, overclocking.

This will also affect the audio, since frequency being a function of time would ultimately need to increase, and tempo of “songs” would be affected, or rhythmic queues would be inaccurate. Eg, Street Fighter II Turbo “10 star turbo” cheat; Sagat’s “Tiger Uppercut” will have less of a gap between each mode, even truncating the first word slightly.

In short, you can get Higan/Bsnes working, but honestly it’s just not worth the extra trouble, unless you like spending more time processing individual games than playing them. In which case, by all means do it. Just be warned, some games will work and some won’t. No one in their right mind will try and test every single game for you. You might need to try different importers, or append different co-processors, or heck; different settings within Retroarch. It works well, but it’s also an absolute pain to do so.

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