Final burn alpha on v0.5 possible? If so, how would I make it work?

Just wanna play marvel vs capcom 2 and other fighters, I appreciate any help

I’m not sure if such a recent game would run full speed on the Gameshell under emulation, or if the controls would really lend themselves to a fighting game, but I think it should be possible.

Have you checked other cores in Retroarch? I thought final burn alpha was in there somewhere. (I haven’t used Retroarch since moving to 5.0 though, and I haven’t really been doing much with emulators lately either.)

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In a nutshell, it probably won’t work using any Mame cores. Here’s some info you can read up.

It’s from the Ps2, Xbox, Dreamcast etc era, so would need something that can at least run that. Things may have changed since then, but given the power of the Gameshell, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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Thank you, at least I know lol

fbalpha is dead, it’s now forked to fbneo,
twice could be found on retroarch build bot

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Naomi emulation is not very good on the GS with FBNeo
Other games run very well with FBNeo but not all of them of course…
I use the latest FBNeo on buildbot and it use the reference romset FinalBurn Neo is not in there


@adcockm I think I saw you were looking into dreamcast emulation in another thread. How did you go with that? I’m guessing that was related to this post ;). Just on a related note, it seems that this is the go to for people to emulate MVC2 specifically, since it’s meant to be fairly accurate.

On a side note, unless you do a modification to the D-Pad, trying to do a quarter circle on the Gameshell is infuriating. It’s way too mushy, without any discrete input isolation. You WILL lose a hadouken duel. Inputs also aren’t as accurate as I need them to be, in order to pull off say, a MK fatality key combo.

I successfully built Reicast, but when I ran it, it crashed with an error. I never got past that and I have no idea what, if anything, could be changed to get it to work.

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