Highest order number that received the shipment notice

Bro … can you remember what the thread title says ?
Can’t recall if its highest order number that received or that did not receive shipment notification.


Because I really like it, I placed an order for the silver version without cm4 and no 4G 8 hours ago and got the latest order number 22779. Let’s see how long it takes this time.


Order# 200XX
November 1st, 2022
Matte Black
No word yet



Order no 197xx, cm4, don’t remember when did I place the order.

Got email from Alex about my order is going to be shipped. Not a shipping notice yet, but hope as good as one

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Do we know that orders actually ship in order of order number order? I was given number 193xx for a black CM4 without 4G (on Oct. 26), and I still haven’t heard anything!

(I only remembered about it when reviews started appearing on YouTube)

@bobtato I would check with Alex what happened, the highest actual number from a CM4 order I see here is from @CaptainCrashOnMars #19408. And there is some on the list with #194XX. It could be because of location too.

Yeah that’s because I’m in China, took 1 day on the way from factory. :smiley:

202xx From China mainland got received.
I ordered A06. but I edited the order to CM4 some month ago.

However the package sent to me without the core somehow.After I mailed to Alex, the core is already sent out.I will get it tomorrow.

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Thanks for your post!

my order number is #1945x, CM4 with LTE module, ship to mainland China, but i just emailed Alex yesterday and they told me that my order isn’t included in the third batch. i’m really confused right now.

My number is 1989x and Alex previously said I was in the third batch, but when I asked him today, said I should be in the next batch (which should be the fifth batch). He explained that the fourth batch was actually part of the third batch, but was separated because the customs suggested not to put too much value in one batch. However, this explanation did not convince me because I am from mainland China. However, what is known now is that the just-released third batch and the upcoming fourth batch are mostly A06, so CM4 should theoretically be in the fifth batch."


I never expected to get my Analog Pocket before this. But anyway…
My order number is in the range #196xx. It’s for an A-06 with the WIFI/4G dongle.
Based on the batches above it seems like mine has either been delayed because of the specs or entirely overlooked. Am I missing something?

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May want to email alex(at)clockworkpi.com and see if they can give you any info on your order.

Hi all!
It seems like orders to China are shipping earlier. I am using cargo company anyways, should I change my delivery address to the company’s China warehouse? my number is #231**

Go for it! seems like it would yield excellent results

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223xx r-01 got the tracking number today


got the tracking number just now

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Got tracking number just now.
193XX, CM4+4G (black), batch 3, 25-Sep-23, ??, Finland

Via FedEx, ETA is 28-Sep-23
Ordered on 26-Oct-22

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Hi, got mine now: 225xx uConsole R-01 Kit. Trackings says delivery in two days. Ordered in August 23. Thats fast. The CM4 adapter arrived last week. Germany

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