Shipping Updates? Ordered 12/1

Just wanted to see if we had an idea of when to expect orders to start shipping now. I ordered a uConsole in the beginning of Dec.

These 2 will give you an idea of how long things will be, the first is just a general one with updates from clockworkpi (alex) itself right at the top and the second one is a community based one that keeps track of whats ordered and how long it takes from ordering to the door

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Tldr ~ things are picking up, 2 batches a month will be made, most backorders have been filled and they will take a short break for lunar new year (about a week) and after thats done they will send 2 batches (+1k) worth of orders

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:smiling_face_with_tear: what year did you place the order? What year…. Just for me it is 2k22​:smiling_face_with_tear:

sorry, you’ve been waiting over a year? what have they told you about this?

Order No. 200xx, CM4+LTE (black) Placed on Oct 31 2022 - Still wait

It’s Chinese New Year, I’m waiting for the end of February.

Hope it does come through in February man

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You won’t believe it - I received a tracking number! Thank you, man!)


I don’t understand your calculations.

To get order 26800 shipped it would take how many months/weeks then?

So these are dedicated threads for shipping orders, 1st being a community based one where people give data on how long it takes from when its ordered to when its in the customers hands with a list of all the data at the top of the thread, and th 2nd is from clockworkpi themselves giving updates on manufacturing to the public as well as an email address for alex (poster) to ask when your order will be coming also at the top of the thread, i got the details from those updates

And yh sorry i cant give you a rough time frame, its hard to pin point the order of how these are sent out, there have been cases of people getting their uconsoles earlier than others because of factors like the type of order and the locations they are going to, its made everyone in the community completely puzzled :sweat_smile:


26800 pending orders? A wait of over 2 years?

Oh, I read it like you had a plan of how many orders are being sent out every month. I just couldn’t extract any useful information out of it (2x 1k or 1k every month…)

I ordered mine the same time you did. From reading the forum and going over the community shipping post it seems heavily dependent on the exact model and shipping destination. They are catching up a lot and plan to send out more per month after the holiday. I hope to get mine by the end of April (90 business days, excluding holidays) but sooner would be better. Like before my St. Patrick’s Day vacation :sweat_smile: This is the first time I’ve been so excited about something that I actually joined a forum.


So 1k a month and 2 batches each month but because of lunar new year, they are holding a batch and sending it with the next batch after its over

90 days is still funny.

*90 working days

I think that makes 20

Imagine if this was Whataburger or Burger King…

order #217xx since May 23 - CM4 4G - just chillin…

More important for me is the fact of keeping quality in the same level, it is sad to see less quality because of maximizing shipping output. Of course i am restless and upset like my children waiting for Christmas. It is a long time ago an old man has such an emotion to an order. The uConsole did this to me, this is great. Thanks to the hole team of clockwork.

We should be getting a flux of people recieving their delivery details soon, keep an eye out on your emails and let the community know if you get anything