Highest order number that received the shipment notice

I believe that the first batch might be around ~200 units, based on what I found

The highest order number I could find that received the shipment email was the 192XX (@slz)

Let us know if you have a higher order number that received an shipment email :slight_smile:

My order # 2167X ( looooong way haha).

EDIT: 22/AUG/2023 - Second batch email notice is getting out, watch out! Good number of A-06 on this one. Hard to tell how many units were sent but we see order numbers from 191XX to 2000X on this batch.

EDIT: 18/SEP/2023 - Third batch is getting our for China Mainland! Exports should be getting shipment notice in the next days.


  • Highest CM4/A-04 Order: 202XX
  • Highest A-06 Order: 2000X

All orders with the A-04 will be sent with the CM4 instead.


Nice detective work! I don’t even know my number, just that I ordered in late February.

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God speed, we are in the same 21XXX range.

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I’m a 193xx and don’t have mine yet.

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193xx on 10/25, haven’t recieved any shipping notification yet. A06 core.

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206xx - RPI-CM4 Lite, Color: Matte Black, WIFI+4G cellular
Nothing yet aswell, order placed on Dec 23, 2022

198xx, maybe next year


193xx on 10/25, haven’t recieved any shipping notification yet.

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we probably should also record core selection, it appears CM4 and R01 are the only 2 cores that have shipped so far


206xx here 12/17/22 order date. nothing yet. hoping to get something soon…6 months into a 3 month shipping window :stuck_out_tongue: CM4, light.

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My order number is 196xx, paid on Oct 26, shipping to the UK, CM4 model, still waiting

Order 193xx, CM4, OCT 26.

Order No. 200xx, CM4+LTE (black) Placed on Oct 31 - Still wait.
Upd: from Alex, my order is in 2-3 batches


Most people replying havent received any delivery notifications…

Yes, please, only inform you order number and model you choose, IF you received the tracking number already, this way we will have a vague notion on how it is going.


200xx, cm4/silver/lte, Nov 1
my guess: 2 to 3 months :thinking:

Wait, what? the console kit was listed as in stock?

CM4 and R-01 version is still open for purchase:

According to the available data, CPI has received about 3000 (order nr. 19000 to 22000) orders and payments. They started delivery about one month ago with a first batch of about 200 units (19000 to 19200) and stopped abruptly.

Does anyone know what the bottleneck is? What is the delivery rhythm and plan? Is there any? Is it reasonable to expect a batch of about 100 units per week (definetely doable by a one-person company)?

Does anyone know if CPI has the resources to either deliver or refund all uConsole pending orders? According to the data above, it appears to be around 300.000$ worth of open orders with more pouring in.


I just ordered, to give you an idea what current order number is running at, my number is #222xx