How can I get wireguard (client) working on devterm?

I tried to install wireguard /wireguard dkms on both Devterm CM3(4.x kernel) and CM4(5.10 kernel),all failed.
Seems like wireguard tried to replace the devterm kernel and that causes devterm won’t boot up, or the prebuilt modules requires specific kernel version in dkms way.
So is it possible to get wireguard working on Devterm?
Or do I need to build new kernel for devterm,how?

Just tried again installing wireguard-dkms on CM4 64bit, don’t care those error messages, and it’s working now.

So the wireguard client works only on CM4 v5.15 kernel 64bit. Can someone please tell me is there a way that I can make my CM3 have a 5.X kernel ? Thanks.

Wireguard was merged into the mainline kernel in 5.6, so you shouldn’t need dkms for your 5.10 kernel. I don’t know the details of the custom image the DevTerm uses on the CM4, so it’s possible that it’s built with that module disabled, but you could try using Wireguard without the wireguard-dkms package.

For the 4.something kernel, I would expect dkms to work. It looks like raspberrypi-kernel-headers is a dependency of wireguard-dkms. Installing that won’t make your system unbootable, but it might make the dkms module fail to build. It’s worth trying. You could also try installing the DevTerm kernel headers manually. I don’t have a DevTerm to check what that package would be called.