How can I play N64 on Gameshell

How can I play N64. Is it possible to get it running well.

I have seen some threads and it looks like it isn’t the best. Also I have heard that PS1 runs really good. On Reddit there was a thread saying some N64 games can run on PS1. How will that work.

If this doesn’t work, do you know other cheap handhelds that might be on Amazon, that can play N64.

Yoshi’s Story: it runs really great at 60fps but there’s a point in the game where it just crashes
Paper Mario: Runs pretty well at 30fps. I’m not sure if that’s the original frame rate
Zelda: Ocarina of Time: The original frame rate was 20fps. aint that something? seems full speed
Super Smash Bros: Runs very well at a consistent 60fps with occasional frame drops during certain stages
F-Zero X: Full speed 60fps
Rakuga Kids: This is a PAL region exclusive so it runs at 50fps. Pretty good with occasional frame rate dips
WWF No Mercy: Plays at a consistent 30fps which I believe was the native fps. My internet started tripping during this stream so the occasional choppiness is due to my connection
Dance Dance Revolution - Disney Dancing Musuem: Decent. Some songs play full speed, some are choppy and out of sync
Kirby 64: 30fps during in-game, 60fps during cut-scenes. I’m googling info and that appears to be how it was in the original. I always assumed most N64 games had full 60fps games
Super Smash Bros: More super Smash bros footage
Fighters Destiny 2: it plays good but the game seems very bad
Star Fox 64: Runs great. consistent 30fps
Diddy Kong Racing: It’s playable but it average maybe 26fps. A bit choppy
Conkers Bad Fur Day: Not very playable. very slow

This is what I found. Sorry. I can’t post for another 3 hours. But what if I change the core to PS1. Will it work.

Those video links you posted are showing games played on the Playstation Classic, not an actual Playstation. The Playstation Classic is a small computer than emulates the original Playstation and can be modded to run other emulators too. (I’m not sure how it compares to the Gameshell in terms of processing power, but I’m guessing they are about the same.)

In any case, it’s impossible to run a Nintendo 64 emulator on an original Playstation (PS1).

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Can I swap the core with a PS1 core. Then can I play N64 on the PS1 emulator? Also do you know when Amazon will have Gameshells in stock. I need them before november 14. If somehow I manage to get N64 to run perfectly. If i’m in the middle of a game and version 0.6 comes out, when I flash the sd card will my progress be gone?

What systems can the Gameshell play?

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I’ll do my best to answer whatever you’ve said here. scrolls up for an eternity

So what systems can it run. Basically anything up fo and including the N64.
Theoretically it’s powerful enough to emulate dream cast, but we’re not there yet.
It definitely can’t emulate PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox360, Xbox One, 3DS, PSVITA, PSP, Game cube, Wii, Wii U, Ouya, Apple TV, iOS, windows, macOS or newer. Basically it’s easier to say what it can’t do, as opposed to what it can.
Theoretically it should also be able to run Android. We just aren’t there yet, and given the resolution, probably wouldn’t waste our time doing it.

It’s like asking, “what can I draw on a piece of paper” - if you can build it, you can play it.

The PlayStation classic isn’t actually a PlayStation, and doesn’t use any of the original PlayStation parts. In fact, it’s more like the gameshell, in the sense that it’s a “micro computer” with programs written that can run games.

The PlayStation classic uses a branch of the PCSX Rearmed emulator; which happens to be the same one that we use on the Gameshell.

People have gotten N64 running using hacks to install Retroarch on the PlayStation classic. Retroarch is also what is installed on the Gameshell. Instead of using Retroarch however, the forum community have instructions on how to build up the same core from scratch to run on the gameshell; namely mupen64plus. It runs faster than the Retroarch one, and with more compatibility, so for that reason no one has bothered trying to optimise the Retroarch core version.

If you’re wanting to in essence run the play station classic on the gameshell, that’s a whole extra layer of emulation. It’s like, trying to emulate windows running a n64 emulator on a Mac computer. There’s just no point.

I’ve done a quick run down of what a core is in another thread, so check there for more info.