Can I play N64 on the PS1 emulator

One time I extracted a rom and got a couple of files. One of them said core but it wasn’t specific to the game. The gameshell can play PS1 pretty well so I wondered If I could swap the core and play it on the PS1 emulator. Is this even possible?

Most cores are made specifically for playing the console it’s made for. The short answer is, no.

However, I’m not sure of your level of understanding of how things work with emulation. Retroarch is essentially a front end that can load multiple cores to run specific consoles. It might feel like you’re using the same program, but it will be using a different core.

Mednafen is a multi console standalone emulator that has many “cores” baked in; including playstation, but not including N64.

N64 is historically one of the most difficult consoles fo emulate well, even on high end gaming desktop computers. You might be better off finding the game that you’re wanting to emulate on a different console. Eg, the Nintendo DS emulator actually runs perfectly! A lot of N64 games were ported on to DS.

It’s tricky to install and setup, but I’ve included it in my custom image if you want go try it. Heck. Just go to your local shop, and buy a cheap $5 SD to test things if you’re scared of wiping your system.

I have seen your image. The menu looks different. How can I change it back to normal?

By choosing the setting in utilities I have made to return it to normal. You can also choose additional themes. Keep in mind however, I haven’t made custom icons for every theme that has ever been made. If you revert to the stock theme, you will have missing icons. You can however make them yourself.

Also, this is off topic relative to this thread. Perhaps continue any discussion in the thread pertaining to the custom image. :slight_smile:

Thanks! This is great.

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