N64 on Gameshell

If I just want to play N64 on Gamshell is it worth it.

it’s not the best for playing N64 games, but it’s decent for a portable experience

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Realistically, looking at your posts, I don’t actually know if the gameshell is what is for you. It’s not meant primarily as a high end 3D game emulator.

It’s a tinkerer’s dream toy. It’s for people who like to code and work things out together in the community. It’s for people who want go write their own games, or find out ways to port existing Linux apps/utilities or even old DOS games of the yesteryear.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing you’re just wanting a machine that you can just dump Roms on and play games all day? Have you used Linux and a CLI before, and are comfortable with SSHing info a remote machine?

I did make a custom image, and tried to make it as much of a plug and play experience with my custom image, but if you want to unleash the Gameshell’s true power, you’re going to need to learn how to do some coding. Either that or be happy with spending many sleepless nights trouble shooting, and following instructions.

I’ve seen way too many people get extremely frustrated, disheartened and sometimes even aggressive and rude when trying to get things working. The gameshell isn’t as widely known, distributed or as established as say, a raspberry pi.

Just judging by the sheer number of posts specifically asking about N64 emulation, I’m afraid you will be sorely disappointed with the experience. When if runs well, it’s very well. When it doesn’t run well, it’s basically unplayable. That’s the good news!

I’ll post a video of it playing N64 shortly just so you can see how it works.

Update: here’s some videos of Starfox 64.
Opening of Corneria:
Piloting an Arwing:
(Pardon the terrible playing - im using one hand)