How can I twist RetroArch configuration for better performance?

I’ve tried GBA, FC, SFC games on my gameshell, and they perform well. But when I used PCSX ReArmed core to play Resident Evil 3 PSP version, the FPS is quite low, and sound track crackles. Even for Metal Slug 2 MAME version, the FPS drops occassionally. I saw video that someone played PSP games like Ridge Racer on gameshell. Is there any tutorial on how to twist RetroArch configuration for better performance, please? What’s the performance limitation of gameshell? Can it even handle PSX games?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use armv7-neon-hf core instead of armhf core.
For example, if you want to change MAME core:
1.Open “~/apps/Menu/20_Retro Games/10_MAME/action.config”
2.You will see the last line is “SO_URL=”.
3.Then replace “armhf” with “armv7-neon-hf”, save this file and close it.
4.Delete “~/apps/emulators/” and “~/apps/emulators/”.
5.Enter “MAME” from main menu, redownload MAME core.

I don’t know how it is now, but I played PSX games without problems and with good FPS (enough for me, don’t know exactly how many) by running PCSX reARMed natively, not through the RetroArch core. The core was very slow, but running the standalone work fine!

Take a look at this post: PCSX ReARMed for GameShell

You can make shortcuts as well on the “Home Screen” to run games on the standalone emulator.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ll try this later :grinning:

PCSX ReARMed works fine. Thanks a lot for your help. I’ve downloaded the PCSC pack and upzip it on my gameshell. After chmod +x the pcsx file, I can start PCSX, and run Resident Evil 3 smoothly on it. :+1:

There’s still another question: I’ve tried PBP image, and it works fine. But it gives " unsupported/invalid CD image" when I tried to load *.iso image. Any suggestion, please? Should I upload any unique BIOS?

No idea there, I haven’t had any problems and I have used .iso files. Maybe there is a problem with the ISO? Does it work on a different emulator, perhaps on your computer?

Is there any limitation for PCSX ReArmed? I mean, I’ve tried PS1 games on it, but is it made for PSP or PS2 games?

Only PS1. The GameShell wouldn’t handle anymore at this point, sadly :frowning: