PLEASE HELP. All but one emulator crashes

Most apps once open just take me back to the main menu. Is there a way to factory reset this? Only the ps1 stand alone emulator works. I am using windows.

If you have put the emulators on the gameshell, did you give the correct file permissions? You have to make them “executable” for them to work.
Also, which OS version are you using?

its just the standard emulators. iam using the newest version of the os on the newest game shell

Did you set up the emulators from retroarch?

I have not touched it

All you gotta do is open retroarch on your gameshell, and download all the cores to the corresponding emulators

It is not an retroarch issue. The gameshell apps themselves are crashing. All except the native psx emulator.

select Settings->GPU Driver Switch->FBTURBO