How i can change resolution in MGBA

Hi all! i want to know how to change the resolution on MGBA Emulator “get bigger” or centering position on GS screen. Thanks in advance!20180811_015751

Wow, what emulator are you running?
Like is the mgba a core or stand alone?

Is the mgba core. The version that is included in the GS.

In my case, I solved with following instructions.

  1. Go Settings in the Main menu.
  2. Go Input -> Input Hotkey Binds -> map Full screen toggle to any keys tempolarily.
  3. Exit menu
  4. press keys maped as Full screen toggle.

I wish this helps solve the problem.


You are the man! Thank you!

Here i’m showing step by step how i did for get the full screen.


Hmmmm I still have some “edging” around the screen. Perhaps FR500 has some ideas ?

it’s because a small bug in new image

in the test, we found a small bug, that is the video_fullscreen in retroarch.cfg can not be false, some emulators will not be able to fill the screen.

In /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg
line 2

change video_fullscreen = "false" to video_fullscreen = "true"

ssh into gs should get the job done
sorry for the bug

Thanks ! That helped a lot, second thing i changed was Aspect Ratio in the Video Settings in RetroArch to Custom, now runs like a charm !

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