How i can change resolution in MGBA


Hi all! i want to know how to change the resolution on MGBA Emulator “get bigger” or centering position on GS screen. Thanks in advance!


Wow, what emulator are you running?
Like is the mgba a core or stand alone?


Is the mgba core. The version that is included in the GS.


In my case, I solved with following instructions.

  1. Go Settings in the Main menu.
  2. Go Input -> Input Hotkey Binds -> map Full screen toggle to any keys tempolarily.
  3. Exit menu
  4. press keys maped as Full screen toggle.

I wish this helps solve the problem.


You are the man! Thank you!


Here i’m showing step by step how i did for get the full screen.


Hmmmm I still have some “edging” around the screen. Perhaps FR500 has some ideas ?


it’s because a small bug in new image

in the test, we found a small bug, that is the video_fullscreen in retroarch.cfg can not be false, some emulators will not be able to fill the screen.

In /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg
line 2

change video_fullscreen = "false" to video_fullscreen = "true"

ssh into gs should get the job done
sorry for the bug

Gameboy Emulator Glitch

Thanks ! That helped a lot, second thing i changed was Aspect Ratio in the Video Settings in RetroArch to Custom, now runs like a charm !