How to add volume control in stand alone emulators


i am trying this , but it doesn’t work out for me i have still same problem now if any know how to fix this issue than please tell me

thanks in advance

Did you go to the github page, following the link, and follow the instruction; in particular pertaining to using the editor “nano”?

If you don’t do this, it won’t work. Make sure you write your changes to the file. Preferably do it this way for formatting and mode change/permission reasons. There are other ways, but you may end up messing something up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Don’t forget the “&” at the end of the ammendment.

thank you for your tutorial, I got it work!!!
however there is a slight issue: the backlight brightness key was inverted for me. Select + down: brighter, Select + up: dimmer. Otherwise everything works fine!

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Hey, I actually modified the code in my post here to have the backlight corrected. The original posted had DPAD-UP as brightness down, and DPAD-DOWN as brightness up, which as you mentioned is inverted.
I also changed the incremental changes of the volume, as it went up 20% after each push.

It’s the same thing that this user did. I just prepared the code:

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Oh thank you, I thought the file “” was already modified that’s why.
I have copied your code and modified and now it’s works fine!
Thank you again!

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