Control backlight brightness everywhere!


hey,I wrote some code
It allows gameshell to control the brightness everywhere

Game Shell D-Pad = Emulate mouse?

Thats nice! It was annoying sometimes to have to go back to the menu.


Can you help me?
After command “sudo pip install select” comes:
Collecting select
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement select (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for select
I igored it and finished everything to the end. And now backlight is controllable but screen not showing picture, just baclight and black screen. And GS is still running, I still can have an access through ssh
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance)

Got it! I havent entered whole line of code into “rc.local” - “nohup python /home/cpi/launcher/ &”


I can see this being a problem playing games that use L (LK1) + R (LK5), which if you aren’t using the lightkey module you use Shift+A and Shift+B for L and R. Maybe Shift+X and Shift+Y are a better options since those map to L2 (LK2) and R2 (LK4), which not a lot of games (other than some ps1 games) will likely use.


I think shift+X and Shift+Y make sense to me. I’d love a script like this for the volume control as well, using Shift+Select and Shift+start


Or even shift+UP and shift+DOWN that way you’re not compromising any face buttons.