Volume control everywhere

I tweaked the script created by cjv123 to Control backlight brightness everywhere! to my likings:

  • Better controls for my taste (same as system/launcher, no conflicts):
    • Shift+Select for Volume down
    • Shift+Start for Volume up
  • No brightness control (I don’t need it)

It’s a fork of his/her work, and you can get it here: https://github.com/pedrogpimenta/gameshell_volume_hotkey.

It seems to be working fine :slight_smile:


That’s amazing, I’ve been thinking of asking for exactly these changes today! Thanks so much! :smiley:

If I wanted to change the previous controls with yours, would I only have to exchange the py file?

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Correct! In fact, that’s the only file needed for my controls, as I don’t need any other script to control Brightness. So you can even remove the tools folder from ~/launcher/sys.py/.

Important: If you do change the file, keep in mind that I changed the file name so you also need to edit the line in /etc/rc.local according to my instructions on Github :slight_smile:

I hope I see this on the next version of your image :smiley:


Yay, it worked! Thanks again, I’ll definitely put this on the next version of my custom image (which could come pretty soon, now that the game jam is over).

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Great work!! That’s perfect to unify the experience! bookmarked
Was the stepping between each volume also modified? From memory, the original one moved by “20” - which was WAY too much. Changing it to “4” made it much more useable.

The next step would be to modify the hardware to have a physical volume jog dial on the side. :wink:

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I think this has the old steps of 20, but I might be wrong. How can I change that?

I didn’t change anything but I might try to tonight. I’m out today.

I changed it to 10 now, thanks to github I did it on my mobile phone :slight_smile:.

Can’t test it now but I felt it was too much before. Hope you like it this way!