How to charge Gameshell that's missing its USB port?

Hi. A while ago, my Gameshell’s USB port came off. I knew I couldn’t fix it myself, so I asked the forum when the mainboard would be back in stock and if there was a way I could replace the USB port on my own. The full thread is here. Anyway, I couldn’t get it replaced by Clockwork since I couldn’t verify the warranty (It was a gift and we lost the invoice), but a commenter (@Petrakis) told me that I should be able to solder the USB port back to the mainboard. Unfortunately, I have no soldering experience so I can’t do it myself. My brother has some experience, but he can only access a soldering iron via his college and is currently home on break. Because there’s no USB port attached to the mainboard, I can’t charge the Gameshell’s battery. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice as to how I can charge my Gameshell battery without the mainboard’s USB port? Sorry for making this so long. Thanks in advance for the help!

There are these little battery charger modules that you can use to charge the battery if all the parameters are OK.

Edit, oh damn I forgot we used a nokia battery instead of a generic lipo. There are plenty of chargers for those type of batteries, even the so called universal chargers.


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I looked around a bit and came up with these:

Would one of these work well or is there something else you’d recommend using instead?

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The battery type in the Gameshell is a “BL-5C” which is a standard Nokia-style battery.

As mentioned you could get any universal charger for BL-5C and charge using that.

Take a look on ebay, you could probably get a charger and second battery for <$15