Micro USB Port Bent HELP

I was using my GameShell like an average, normal, person, but as I set it onto a table I noticed that the Micro USB cable I was using to charge it was at and angle. I opened it up to find the Micro USB port bent, with some black plastic thing inside of it dislodged.

This is the 2nd time this has happened to me, and I had to get my previous GameShell replaced. However, now it is too late to replace it again. I attempted to resolder it but I don’t have good experience with soldering, and my soldering tip is too wide and too big to solder it back. Is there a way I can get the main board replaced or repaired?

Maybe order another micro USB port? I think you can find replacement boards on the clockwork website.

Yes, but they are out-of-stock.

Oh. I hate it when that happens.

Maybe this will work.

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