How to install Ubuntu22.04 on a CM4

So I’ve been trying a LOT to get Ubuntu working on my CM4

So What I’ve thanked about is installing a VM
Or running it bear metal.

Plz help me :pensive:

You don’t want to run Ubuntu inside a VM on a Raspberry… :smiley:
Just get Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi here: Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi | Ubuntu
They even have a video linked there that explains how to install it.

I’ve try to flash the original TF card with Raspberry Imager, and everything went on well with the flashing, but when I put back the TF card to Uconsole, it just don’t boot up

Ya gotta patch the kernel for video/screen orientation if you haven’t… And fan… And printer…

(The only thing I know is patching is needed)

And because that’s kernel v5… it’s a different animal…

And I don’t know how to do it…

Somebody did a pi os lite for uconsole… you can use that image and install a window manager…xfce or something…maybe? Then patch for printer and fan… I will continue to look out for when some helpful wizard completes the task and shares.

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