Use Milk-V Mars CM on uConsole

Milk-V Mars CM is compatible with the RaspberryPi CM4, and it did can installed via the adapt board for RaspberryPi CM4. In order to use Mars CM ob uConsole, is there any drivers needs to port/add to the Mars CM official image?

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to make the CM4 work on the uconsole, you need patches for display, keyboard, (and modem if you have it)
i assume it would be the same for the milk-v


People have tried BananaPis without success; I don’t have a BPi or a Milky-V (though I have a DevTerm with the R01 installed and it’s delightful) to test, but I imagine you’d need, at minimum, the DTB overlays and whatever kernel patches the Milky-V wants.

There’s also some variation in models, like the embedded eMMC, wifi, things like that. So it depends on how compatible with the CM4 the Milky-V Mars CM is. The eMMC models apparently require some fiddling to boot because they have difficulty finding the boot device although it appears that the A06 will boot from a USB drive (which I found out by accident when I rebooted after my microSD card failed; I was building a CRUX system on the uSD card plugged in by a USB adapter and apparently had built out enough of the system to get a login prompt).