How to play CaveStory with wine?

Unfortunately, Wine only works with x86 applications, such as applications made for Intel or AMD based computers. The ClockworkPi is an ARM based computer, and cannot natively run x86 applications.

Wines purpose is to run Windows applications on Linux, but only when that application is made for x86.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, I dont have a CPI to see how they actually run Cave Story. I assumed it was an ARM native port of the nxenging?

Thank you for teaching me :slight_smile:
It is a little disappointing :frowning:
I will endure it and I will try to play in English version.

I found this, so I think I will do it if I have the opportunity.
When this works, I think that I will purchase ExaGear.

This is how they run it:

retroarch -L /home/cpi/apps/emulators/ /home/cpi/games/nxengine/cavestory/data

Im not sure how the nxengine works, but a quick google search suggests it can handle Japanese. @jun_3453 perhaps you want to investigate that? You might be able to go around retroarch. You probably dont need exagear.

Chotto mendokusai desukedo…

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Thank you.
But In that case it gets garbled :frowning:

but a quick google search suggests it can handle Japanese

That’s right :grin:
Thank you for answering :slight_smile:
I will play it in that way and I will learn English.

I believe its a locale thing.

Try setting the locale to unicode or japanese before running Cave Story.


Thank you.
I thought I could play this.
But I changed it to some Japanese locale and played it, but it was completely the same display.
I thought it was probably a problem with RetroArch’s Core.

I am sorry for the Japanese article, but there was a person who had the same symptoms.

日本語コアーのBIO を入れなきゃいけないんだ。Wine ようり、ちがうコアーつかったほうがいいかも。

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Thank you for answering in Japanese :smile:
There seems to be no Japanese core of nxengine yet.
I am trying to create a core for Japanese now.
Work is a bit difficult but I will do my best.

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With wine? You should try beer instead.

What is Beer ? :beer:
Could you tell me in detail if you have such an application?

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It seems that it can not be easy to do a RetroArch Japanese version of CaveStory.
A character code encoder is implemented on the nxengine-libretro side, and unicode is not yet supported.
I think that you can play the Japanese version if this is implemented.

But, I do not think I will purposely do a Japanese version until I take the trouble to implement it. :confounded:

外人ジョークだよ。。 Wine… beer = sarcasm


As expected after all :joy:

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haha sorry :wink:

Hello, I’m glad I saw your article. I have the same problem, the text is garbled when I make the Chinese version of Cave Story. But I believe it can be solved. I saw that someone implemented a Chinese version (Japanese version) on an open source handheld and they used NXEngine-evo. after all these years, did you solve the problem? Thanks! :joy:

NXEngine-evo does indeed support Chinese, the original Japanese, and every language that has a translation, unlike NXEngine. There is no libretro version of NXEngine-evo, but it’s still much better than using Wine. The official downloads of NXEngine-evo only have an x86_64 build. I don’t own a GameShell or DevTerm yet, but I will try to build it on a Raspberry Pi 3B and upload it.

Here’s the build. It works great on my Raspberry Pi 3B. Let me know if there are any issues!