How to set up shoulder buttons (L and R) in gbSP+ in gameshell?

Hi everyone,

I basically have no knowledge of any coding, but I am a huge fan of GBA. I played a lot of GBA games via GBA emulators on PCs, but PC cannot give me the authentic tone, that’s why I bought the game shell.

I just built up my GS one day ago and so far managed to set up shoulder buttons and successfully played some classic games via MGBA. But I noticed that the MGBA has an issue (could be my unprofessional setup) when generating new images from above from the screen. Then I found out gbSP+ doesn’t have such a problem but the L and R were defaultly boned to some keys and I cannot link L and R buttons to the Lightkey that GS provides.

Can I ask if is there anybody who knows about to set up the shoulder buttons or any buttons generally speaking? I would be very appreciated.


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I’m having a similar issue/desire to learn how to address