Lightkey not working on GBA game

Playing Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup and need the shoulder buttons. I connected my lightkey module and the lights activate when I press the buttons but nothing happens in the game. I went into the shift+menu settings > controls but they say the shoulder buttons are registered as L and R, so that seems right

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hello there! Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Which console are you emulating it on? And which emulator? I’ve only ever played it on the PS2/GameCube; so I’m assuming you’re on GBA.

I’m guessing you’re using Retroarch, and possibly mgba.

Now, you said you went to the menu and entered settings>controls.
Did you actually mean Quick Settings>Controls, or Settings>Input. They’re drastically different locations.

Quick Settings>Controls references inputs that you have defined within Settings>Input. It is possible that the light key inputs haven’t been defined in your installation.

In order to define them, you’re probably best off starting Retroarch without anything loaded. That way, you won’t be potentially confused with the quick menu that initially comes up.

See how you go. There was an earlier version of Retroarch that had problems with using the GUI to define controls. People used to say to edit the config file in an editor. That’s silly. The fact that you are pushing shift and menu to enter the menu makes me think you’re using a stock installation that could be older. You might need to update your Retroarch. That a whole new can of worms that we’ll tackle if and when we need to.

I’m using mgba and like you said I went into “Quick Settings” not “Settings”. So I changed the inputs in Settings and now it works. So thank you very much!

About that last paragraph; I hadn’t used my Gameshell for a long while. Yesterday I flashed the stock v0.5 and installed some games. When I go to settings it says that I’m on version “stable 1.25” and if I check update I can update to “e701756”. Does this also update Retroarch or is that something separate?