How to setup CPI USB Ethernet

You may need to install the RNDIS driver on the windows side:


I would use DNSmasq for DHCP on the target instead of dhcpd, it is easier to configure and also provide a single DNS resolver, so allow to give a stable name to the GameShell

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Instead of taking out the SD-card and copying the new kernel to it, you can also scp or ftp the new kernel to your GS. Then mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 to a folder of your choosing and and replace the uImage with the new one. (Or rename the old uImage to something else and copy in the new one)
Saves you taking your GS apart to access the SD-card.

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Yes! Linux user, Great! :grinning:

Good, DNSmasq is a better solution!

Cool, did anyone set this up yet/tried it ? Any success or lessons learned ? Never loaded a kernel update in the way abbadon described, so I’ll wait for a write-up :wink: (YES i start to see i am a NOOB) :joy:

I did. I have to say its a must!

My router is in another room and it was a pain to ssh into the cpi, but now I just connect it to my pc with the usb, also I got better download speeds than with wifi.


Everything is working great, I just found a problem @hal some things are hardcoded to check the wifi. Like for example when you update the emulator cores it asks you to connect wifi even when you have usb ethernet available.

for the time now

git clone ~/apps/

make a little bit convenient for downloading emulators’ .so files

I found out at this time, clears all .so files on /latest/ location
this will cause every emulator download failed

Cool! Exactly what i was Hoping on… now have to figure out how;-)

Well I got you :slight_smile:

Muchas Gracias Amigo (or the BU equivalent; благодаря ви много)!!! Works like a charm ! Very happy to be able to do it with copying straight to the SD instead of mounting and stuff. This is pretty straight forward and everyone can do it (and have a nice little image of my sd as well now) :slight_smile:

Sorry for being a total n00b, but could you provide any tips as to what configurations are needed for DNSmasq that would be similar to the notes on setting up dhcpd? I have the clockwork connecting via USB, so my questions are specific to DNSmasq config settings, and whether I need to edit the interfaces file in the same way. Thanks in advance!

Hi guys, I need help. So I successfully have USB - ETH configured, but I feel my Gameshell loads way slower, when booting up, or when getting back to the menu.

Please help, this is really bugging me.

Thanks in advance

I think I might have the same issue.