No internet when connected on USB

I manage to connect on FTP or SSH with USB interface on

But I can’t access to internet. Can you help me please ?

You need to enable Internet Sharing in your computer’s OS to the RNDIS interface. I use a Mac, and have previously covered the setup in this discussion. In Windows 10, I believe this would be handled through the settings in Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot .

Hi @lasvegas,

Yes I saw the thread. But I can’t manage to share the connection… I tried to create a bridge between my Ethernet connection and RNDIS interface. I tried to share the ethernet connection too :

no luck

I can’t access to the Gameshell anymore on

If you haven’t already, you should set up the RNDIS connection with a static address:


This should assure that your GameShell has a viable connection to pass the network through.

I believe your GameShell would have the IP address:… I might be wrong here though…

I’m using Windows 7 and can’t get the internet to work. I set the ethernet connection to be shared and added the static address (which caused the internet on my regular computer to fail).

Has anyone here got it to work?

Settings->Network gateway switch->USB Ethernet ,make sure it is selected

That’s already enabled. Transferring stuff between my PC and the GS is also no problem, only the internet sharing doesn’t work.

I got it working, I had enabled sharing for the wrong network (the ethernet one instead of my main internet connection).

I’m still having problems with this. Everytime I want to connect the GS to my PC, I feel like I have to start over…

My newest problem is that even though it says that I’m connected to the internet, I’m getting lots of “Failed to fetch” errors when trying to update the system (I’m on v0.4 now, as I want to upgrade to Debian 10 with that image).

I have USB ethernet enabled, the network is configured as shown above by @lasvegas and the network status shows this:

Still I can’t download anything…