No internet when connected on USB


I manage to connect on FTP or SSH with USB interface on

But I can’t access to internet. Can you help me please ?


You need to enable Internet Sharing in your computer’s OS to the RNDIS interface. I use a Mac, and have previously covered the setup in this discussion. In Windows 10, I believe this would be handled through the settings in Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot .


Hi @lasvegas,

Yes I saw the thread. But I can’t manage to share the connection… I tried to create a bridge between my Ethernet connection and RNDIS interface. I tried to share the ethernet connection too :

no luck

I can’t access to the Gameshell anymore on


If you haven’t already, you should set up the RNDIS connection with a static address:


This should assure that your GameShell has a viable connection to pass the network through.

I believe your GameShell would have the IP address:… I might be wrong here though…