*NOT* Selling Brand New Gameshell V3.1 Anymore


I just want to thank all you guys that posted here and PM’ed me to encourage me and helped my figure this awesome little system out. I’m no longer selling and I’m all in now.
Thanks again to a great community.


There’s actually an easy workaround for people who don’t want to ssh in and use command prompt. If you download WinSCP, it’ll allow you to manipulate the file structure as if you were using a windows file browser on your PC.

Also, on the point of wifi only, there is also the option to do USB-ETH if you don’t prefer connecting wirelessly.

Anyhow, if you still decide to sell the device I hope it all goes smoothly!


Thank you so much for letting me in on this. I’m going try these and see if my old brain can wrap around it lol.


Haha no problem, if you need any help just reply or send me a pm and i’ll help out the best I can. I check the forum usually once or twice daily.


Hit up the forum with any question you got. People on here on knowledgable and quick to help. Like eman said; there are easy work arounds and people can walk you through step by step. Eventually you will get the basics down and be self reliant.


Man…thank you. This is a really good community. Ill see what I can do over the next few days!


If you’ve got a Windows machine just go into file explorer and double click the network icon. It should scan and find CLOCKWORKPI. Double click that and you’ll see the /games and /music folders on your GameShell. You can drop files in there to transfer them to the GameShell.


Hi !

You can check the wiki, I just wrote a workaround about it !


Interesting, I actually thought the “USB ethernet” was a driver for a USB ethernet stick/dongle (with an RJ45 connector) and it never would have occurred to me that this option was for using a USB cable.


I wondered why you didnt chose that option :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, it simulate a connection to your network. So you can access throught your GS on