How to show Gameshell display in Windows?

How do you show your display in windows , to take screen shots of the UI?

I already found this topic

and I installed MObaXterm , i logged in , all it does is give me a terminal,

Sounds like a duplicate topic to this:

Yes an no, he could have used the other topic but, he reference it and ask a clear question about it.
I personally don’t have a problem with using another topic to ask such a question. The category may not be the best but it is not worth asking to delete the whole topic.

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?Ive figured it out now, using this command

xwd -out screenshot.xwd -root -display :0.0

in SSH

sorry for the double post in another topic .

Don’t forget to include the rest of the instructions re: how to make the format readable.

Also, check your formatting. Usually I type DISPLAY=:0 in capitals. It could just be habit, but a lot of commands are case sensitive. It’s a different command, but just double check.

I’m guessing you found it in this post. I’ve linked it here, just to avoid repeat discussions going on.