X11 Forwarding or else how to display GameShell's screen on your pc's desktop


Well this is a must especially for developers. Never miss the valuable outputs (printfs etc) on the terminal while checking your SDL app!


  1. Check if X11 Forwarding is enabled on your GS (by default it is)

    cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    and look for the line: X11Forwarding yes
    Make sure this line is not commented with # in the beginning

  2. Download an ssh client which supports X11 on your desktop. For windows I recommend MobaXterm

  3. Create an ssh connection/session with the above tool on your GameShell, make sure X11-Forwarding is enabled

  4. Start an ssh session to your GameShell

    In the screenshot above look on top for the green checks on X11-Forwarding and DISPLAY

  5. You are set to go, to test fire xcalc


Want some more?

Making screenshot of Gameshell

Pretty cool @elefas! To accomplish this on the Mac, simply add -Y to the ssh command:

ssh -Y cpi@

XQuartz must have been properly installed prior to trying this. Also, a lot of games won’t display properly in the X11 environment.


Thanks for the supplementary info @lasvegas!
X11Forwarding is not meant for playing games, after all GS is a portable device with its own screen and it also has hdmi output for this. X11Forwarding is very useful when developing for or tinkering with our little system.