How to use MPD over the network

This a quick hack to be able to control MPD over the network.

SSH into your clockworkpi, edit .mpd.conf and add bind_to_adress "any" on the line above bind_to_address "/tmp/mpd.socket" (you need to keep both bind_to_adress lines), resulting in :

user			"cpi"
bind_to_address		"any"
bind_to_address		"/tmp/mpd.socket"

auto_update		"yes"

Reboot your clockwork so that mpd takes into account the new configuration, and you can now access MPD over the network (on default port).

You can now control from any MPD client (see list on wikipedia ) Here is an example on “Gnome Music Player Client”

You might want to protect with a password but that’s standard MPD see

Plug it in to your stereo and you’ve got a network player! (and I haven’t test shairport which seems included - for the AirPlay people out there).