Spotify Connect Client for GameShell

Hey there, as I love to listen to music / podcasts while wasting time with Doom, MGS, etc. I started digging into the idea of having a Spotify client for the GameShell, and while its not open source, you can use your device as a Spotify connect client pretty easily, allowing you to stream spotify to the GameShell over your local network using Raspotify.

To start, ssh to your GameShell through the terminal.

Once this is done, get the latest build from github:
curl -sL | sh

Thats it.

Once this is done, it should show up in your app’s device list!


Note: after trying to remove this package, it still seems to show up in the device list? Maybe this is supported out of the box? I had not checked it before installing, so hopefully someone can verify that I may or may not have wasted my time. Anyway, thanks for reading my first post!

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Very neat!

It is worth noting that the Gameshell appears as an AirPlay capable device out-of-the-box. So you can stream music to it via AirPlay if you have an iPhone.

I figured as much! Thanks for confirming!

Does it need a premium spotify account?

No, but it does require you to be on the same network.

Tried that but it says raspotify works only on premium accounts.

Hm, does Spotify require a premium account to stream to other devices? I’ve had premium since before that feature, if not, I wonder if there could be a workaround for raspotify.