How to use RetroArch in Gameshell?


If people are still receiving their GameShells, you can also navigate to this option within the RetroArch menu with the d-pad and start button. Setting > Input > Unified Menu Controls


How do you send a PM?


Well at least in my case, please don’t PM.
I’m more than willing to answer your questions here.

Anyway, after enabling unified menu controls I recommend you to change Bind Timeout to 5 or so, and set Max Users to something other than zero, and rebind the buttons.

Remember RetroArch prefers SNES layout so bind the buttons with that in mind. (I also installed the buttons with SNES layout)
Also I recommend you to clear hotkeys by going to input hotkey binds and pressing Y (X in normal layout).
Then I’d also set the last hotkey to Menu (Escape)

That should give you a perfectly usable menu.


Thank you for this video can I figure out how configure retroarch and what core are you use it! Very usefull info to me :smiley:


I have a black screen when I tried to run any game from retroarch :frowning:


What is your video driver under Settings > Driver > Video Driver?
I have mine set to “gl” which seems to work. (If you ssh into the Gameshell you can set the driver back to sdl, not sdl2, and that should work too.)


Does the menu work?
For gpsp you need a BIOS
For PCSX in some cases you do too


I’ll build RA and host it somewhere I guess, like a PPA of sorts


I’ve put the bios in the same directory and named by the same in the cfg. but when I try to launch any game I have an error message: failed to load content
The roms are in .gba

Thank you for your help!


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Actually it’s listed as: menu_unified_controls



Hey, @fr500. Where do I put the ps bios file when using pcsx libretro? I have it in my psx rom folder but it wont detect it




Thnx man. I cant get it to setup ( wont download because its not on the list) so im just using the standalone. :frowning:


Could someone post the original cfg? I somehow messed with it (only wanted to change the gui but it exits immediately) and deleting it creates a new one which is obviously not configured for GameShell…



Ah, I think I found it - presumably (haven’t tested it enough yet) there’s a copy of the original config named retroarch.cfg.blbak .:slight_smile:


You can also find it here:


Yes, I did download it from there, but it’s not configured for the GS (GUI, screen etc). :slight_smile:


Thats the stock one, after downloading it, configuration is as follows: RetroArch Megathread


Yes, seems to be the RA stock config. Whereas retroarch.cfg.blbak seems to be a copy of the one the device ships with.