(Solved) Help here, retroarch.cfg needed

So I just received my GS yesterday, and a few minutes ago I tried to change the key binds in the Retroarch.Well, finally, I used “cp retroarch.cfg.bak retroarch.cfg” under ssh, which is not what I originally wanted.

So can someone share with me a original cfg file modified by clockworkpi? Thanks in advance.

From an earlier post:

Close RetroArch, SSH into your GS and then do
cd ~/.config/retroarch
rm retroarch.cfg
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/clockworkpi/GameShellDocs/master/retroarch.cfg


Not sure why it copied the whole file contents and not just the link :crazy_face:

It works! Thanks for your solution, I’ll be much more careful later, lol.

Lol, not needed you can just revert :wink: Also follow the retroarch thread, some great tips there ! Enjoy the GameShell !

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Be sure to make a backup copy of it so you have it on the ready!

cd ~/.config/retroarch
cp retroarch.cfg retroarch.bak

Definitely right, I’ll make sure there’s a backup before trying something new next time!

Info path is wrong!

Please use:
libretro_info_path = “D:\Amir\RetroArch\info”

Hullo there! Welcome to the forums.

Just making sure you’re referring to Retroarch on a Gameshell. That directory structure looks like a path of your own personal computer, using your name as the home directory. Unless we change the user from CPI to Amir, we won’t see this directory.

Perhaps this was more what you meant?

libretro_info_path = “~/.config/retroarch/info”

That said, the info directory isn’t created by default. You will also need to create it in order to use it.
It makes more sense to have it in the cores directory, as it is storing information regarding individual cores that are by default stored in the same directory, once downloaded.

You can have your directories set to whatever you want at the end of the day; just as long as you are happy with a) it being populated by whatever files are supposed to be there and b) putting the files it expects to be there in the correct place.