(Solved) Help here, retroarch.cfg needed


So I just received my GS yesterday, and a few minutes ago I tried to change the key binds in the Retroarch.Well, finally, I used “cp retroarch.cfg.bak retroarch.cfg” under ssh, which is not what I originally wanted.

So can someone share with me a original cfg file modified by clockworkpi? Thanks in advance.


From an earlier post:

Close RetroArch, SSH into your GS and then do
cd ~/.config/retroarch
rm retroarch.cfg
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/clockworkpi/GameShellDocs/master/retroarch.cfg



Not sure why it copied the whole file contents and not just the link :crazy_face:


It works! Thanks for your solution, I’ll be much more careful later, lol.


Lol, not needed you can just revert :wink: Also follow the retroarch thread, some great tips there ! Enjoy the GameShell !


Be sure to make a backup copy of it so you have it on the ready!

cd ~/.config/retroarch
cp retroarch.cfg retroarch.bak


Definitely right, I’ll make sure there’s a backup before trying something new next time!