How to use RetroArch in Gameshell?


Thanks! I was able to use this to get a game working! Thanks guys. Took me a while to figure out what was going on, having never used retroarch before.
Seems obvious now lol


Anyone have @fr500 version of gPSP_libretro?

His link is broken and I need it. Build it won’t work.


It would be great to have access to @fr500 versions of the cores. His link isn’t working.


I’m currently trying my hand at building my own. Complete newbie here, but im diving it. I was in the middle of testing flash ram memory on gPSP… so I kinda need it to work to keep testing it. Someone has to have the file.


In the Clockwork version v0.3 I can not change the hotkeys in the RetroArch settings. However I do not have the same problem with Clockwork v0.2.
Could someone help me with this? I try to put to load the combination Shift + L, and to save the state Shift + R, but it does not do anything when pressing the buttons …


Those keys may already be assigned elsewhere.


In RetroArch, I enter to assign the Hotkeys and when I press A on “Load State” (for example) I get 5 seconds to press the combination of buttons. However, when you press them, the account continues backwards and those buttons are not assigned.
In version 0.2 of ClockworkOS I do not have that problem, so I guess it is a “bug” of version 0.3
Has anyone solved it?
I also have problems with the Aspec Ratio of some emulators like Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, Super Nintendo …
I think I’ve seen a topic related to this a while ago … but I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me where to look for the solution.
Thank you very much partners!