Howto make a direver for qwerty keypad?

should i get the source on the github

A qwerty keypad? What do you mean?

Yo want to make something that plus instead of the normal button and act like a qwerty keyboard ?

Then why not use the USB port to plug a real USB keyboard?

becase i want the gameshell that has good mobility and with a qwerty keyboard.

the advantage of the keyboard
can type any word anywhere ,etc chat ,code ,test, input command and so on

So what you want is to plug a USB keyboard, and unless they forgot to add the usb stack and drivers, it will work with no needed driver. You will just need an OTG adapter to plug your keyboard on the microUSB connector.

I think you should use the source on Github or just use bluetooth connection, because we don’t know details about the docking port on game shell.

If mobility is what you want, I’d personally go with a Bluetooth keyboard. Worst case, you use also get microUSB-to-USB adapter for the Bluetooth dongle if the keyboard requires one.

The reason there’s source for the current controllers is that they’re on an Arduino board and the code just informs the OS what each button is. For any other standard input device (e.g. a qwerty keyboard) the drivers that come with Linux will work for those.