I compiled SDLPAL game for gameshell

Hi guys,I compiled SDLPAL game for gameshell.
SDLPAL is a SDL based game ported from PAL(仙剑奇侠传/仙劍奇俠傳,also known as Chinese Paladin or Legend of Sword and Fairy)
1.Unzip the application files and put them all to “~/apps/Menu/21_Indie Games” include the top dir “sdlpal”.
2.Put original game data files to subdir “sdlpal/data”, the original game data files must be DOS version or Win95 version.
3.This application does not include original game data files which are copyrighted by SoftStar Inc. So you may search them by youself.
4.Some shortcut key in the game:
Menu - A of XBOX keymap
Search/Action - B of XBOX keymap
Auto battle - LK2
Defend - LK5
Use item - X of XBOX keymap
Throw item - LK4
Flee - LK1
Use max skill - Select
Status - Y of XBOX keymap
5.You can access for more details.

The application zip file: