I compiled SDLPAL game for gameshell

Hi guys,I compiled SDLPAL game for gameshell.
SDLPAL is a SDL based game ported from PAL(仙剑奇侠传/仙劍奇俠傳,also known as Chinese Paladin or Legend of Sword and Fairy)
1.Unzip the application files and put them all to “~/apps/Menu/21_Indie Games” include the top dir “sdlpal”.
2.Put original game data files to subdir “sdlpal/data”, the original game data files must be DOS version or Win95 version.
3.This application does not include original game data files which are copyrighted by SoftStar Inc. So you may search them by youself.
4.Some shortcut key in the game:
Menu - A of XBOX keymap
Search/Action - B of XBOX keymap
Auto battle - LK2
Defend - LK5
Use item - X of XBOX keymap
Throw item - LK4
Flee - LK1
Use max skill - Select
Status - Y of XBOX keymap
5.You can access for more details.

The application zip file:


Would you please offer the original game data files? I can’t find it anywhere.

You can legally download the original game on these URLs:
But all of them are chinese version. I have no idea about English version URL.

First,my mother tongue is not english,forgive my poor english.
I followed you manual and try again and again,but it doesn’t work.
This is my problem:
I put the game sources into [data] flie,but when I start the game on my gameshell,the game quit for seconds.
Please help me solve this problem.Thanks again.


Note that the filenames of game data files should be all in lower-case under systems that use case-sensitive filesystems such as Linux or other Unix-like operating systems.

Do I need change the files name and suffix to lowercase?

all of them…

Thanks a lot …

I have tried using your release file and building from your gameshell branch, but I got the same result as @khxz541gr, the game crashed and went back to desktop after launching from desktop icon, but if you execute the sdlpal binary from Dingux Commander, the game will launch, but when I played to the scenario of taking a boat to 仙灵岛, the game crashed.
I don’t think this issue is caused by missing resource files because there should be a dialog telling you which file is missing when the game cannot find a file and the same set of resource files works well on my Linux desktop. And the game can be launched by manually executing from file browser.
BTW, I’m using the offical 5.0 OS with lima gpu driver

我尝试了用你的release文件以及自己从你的gameshell branch编译,结果都遇到了和 @khxz541gr 一样的问题,从桌面图标打开游戏会退回桌面。但如果从Dingux Commander里找到sdlpal二进制文件手动execute就可以打开游戏,但玩到坐船去仙灵岛的地方又会退回桌面。
我是在官方5.0系统上运行的,用的lima gpu驱动

Just found the cause, the file in your branch and release is in ms-dos fileformat, which has different line break, you can see a special symbol at the end of every line in Dingux Commander. After changing to unix fileformat, the desktop icon works well now.
And I cannot reproduce the 仙灵岛 issue any more, maybe it was caused by something else.

刚刚找到原因了,你的branch和release中的sdlpal.sh用的ms-dos文件格式,用了不同的换行符,在Dingux Commander里可以看到每一行的末尾都有一个特殊符号。改为unix文件格式之后,桌面图标就可以正常启动游戏了。