Lets play Prince of Persia

Yesterday I tweaked a bit the source code of SDLPoP to make it playable to GameShell. Today I share you the instructions on how to download, compile and play Prince of Persia on your Gameshell, enjoy!


(copied from https://github.com/pleft/SDLPoP/blob/master/README.md)

To build for GameShell

  1. ssh to GameShell

  2. on home directory /home/cpi/:

    sudo apt-get install libsdl2-image-dev
    git clone https://github.com/pleft/SDLPoP.git
    cd SDLPoP
    cd src
    make all
  3. If compilation succeeds, in SDLPoP/ directory there should be an executable file named prince

    cd /home/cpi/SDLPoP
    data/  doc/  mods/  prince  README.md  SDLPoP.ini  src/
  4. Create a launcher shortcut for prince executable to be able to launch it through the GameShell’s menu

    echo /home/cpi/SDLPoP/prince full > /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Prince.sh
    chmod +x /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Prince.sh
  5. Copy the prince icon

    cp /home/cpi/SDLPoP/Prince.png /home/cpi/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/Prince.png
  6. Reboot GameShell and start Prince Of Persia by selecting the Prince icon

GameShell Controls

  • START = Enter, make selection
  • MENU = ESCape
  • LEFT: turn or run left
  • RIGHT: turn or run right
  • UP: jump or climb up
  • DOWN: crouch or climb down
  • A: pick up things!

P.S. Looking for a nice icon relevant to GameShell theme, @Nielsvd if you can come up with something I would be grateful.


I know it’s not 100% the same, but I’ve been playing the SNES version, which is easier to get and configure :slight_smile:

Yeah, PoP has been released for almost all major consoles so there are many flavors out there to try. This one is based on the disassembly of the original PoP released for MS-DOS.

How about these icons:



I made a similar colorized icon, when I used DosBox:

But SDL is superior. I can ditch DosBox now.

It works!
The data/ folder is at least needed alongside the generated prince file.

Great icons, thanks @Nielsvd and @Oet! It seems that

suits better to the GameShell menu. I will add it to the repo and update the instructions to use it. Thanks both!

@Oet Apparently upon successful building the source code, only price and data/ are required, you can delete the rest directories and files to reserve space.

Damn I guess I’ll have to find some excuse to leave the office and try this…

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…that’s why we should always take our GameShells with us when leaving home at morning :slight_smile:


Quite true, my fingers are itching now.

[slightly off topic] PoP is one of my all-time favorites. Used to play it to death (literally, in the character’s case!) back in the day on my 1040STFM. I would bring the machine to a friend’s house, and he had a 386SX; we would actually load the relevant file on the PC and hex-edit it trying to cheat, which we actually succeeded! I still have a hex dump printout from his dot matrix printer… Ah, the memories!

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Works like a charm and is literally <5 mins work. Now you have something to look forward to after work :wink:

Little teaser of what we will be playing by tomorrow:





I wonder if it is ok to bundle the shareware files along with the executable to save gameshell users from compilling the source code?

If it is publically available shareware (free), i’d say Yes… but i am not a legal expert. Perhaps including source reference in the write up so it is clear you are linking to an official source.

Looking forward to this! Jazz on the DosBox runs like crap.

@Wizz Inclusief? Jonge :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you edit F6/F9 mapping in the .ini to a LightKey or something? Would love to save/load

There are a few places where you can download legally the shareware version of Jazz. My intention is to provide a single zip containing everything to run the (shareware) game on GS without having to compile or download extras.

For the brave ones you can already clone my fork at https://github.com/pleft/openjazz and compile it yourselves. You will need to remap the buttons (up,down.left,right, enter, esc already work, you need to assign jump and shoot to any of A, B, X, Y) from inside the game (through “setup options”, choose keyboard and assign your keys).

This runs natively on GameShell and as far as I played yesterday night it runs great, fullspeed I would say.

I will try to map on shift/select buttons this functionality.

May I should create a new thread for this.

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Wow it runs beautifully!

Somehow I lost sfx while modding it but will fix it later. Amazing work, thanks - never imagined I’d have the original PoP in the palm of my hand :slight_smile:

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Maybe some nice icons for Jazz Jack Rabbit?

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Runs smooth as a baby’s bottom! :wink:

Several issues:

  1. I have to do this USE_MODPLUG thing to get music.
  2. The resolution is 320x200 and I don’t yet know how to make it 320x240.

Runs realy smooth, Nice job. I’ll be playing this the coming weekend

in Visuals, turn on 4:3 aspect ratio, turn on integer scaling, and use the fuzzy scaling method.