Legend of Sword and Fairy - a chinese classical role-playing game


It works fine on GameSH.



I tried building and installing it on the Gameshell. I created a simple script to launch it and got a dialog offering to configure it on the next launch. Unfortunately, it had ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buttons that couldn’t be selected by the GS’s controls…



I found the solution that able to run the game on my Gameshell.

The keypoint is the main program will lookup the configuration and resource files in the working directory. And the working directory by the launcher is /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell.

So I just put the configuration as /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/sdlpal.cfg. The following is the minimal content of the file for suiting Gameshell.


As the settings, I put the resource files and the built sdlpal executable into the directory of /home/cpi/sdlpal.

But there’s still an issue about the buttons of A, B, X and Y are not able to work.


I’ve forked a project for fixing the keymap issue.


I think you can put all together in one folder
since launcher 1.21 , one folder contains icon and start up script is done


just put the folder into Menu/GameShell/ , and the working directory will be the same as the folder