Legend of Sword and Fairy - a chinese classical role-playing game

It works fine on GameSH.


I tried building and installing it on the Gameshell. I created a simple script to launch it and got a dialog offering to configure it on the next launch. Unfortunately, it had ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buttons that couldn’t be selected by the GS’s controls…


I found the solution that able to run the game on my Gameshell.



The keypoint is the main program will lookup the configuration and resource files in the working directory. And the working directory by the launcher is /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell.

So I just put the configuration as /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/sdlpal.cfg. The following is the minimal content of the file for suiting Gameshell.


As the settings, I put the resource files and the built sdlpal executable into the directory of /home/cpi/sdlpal.

But there’s still an issue about the buttons of A, B, X and Y are not able to work.

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I’ve forked a project for fixing the keymap issue.

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I think you can put all together in one folder
since launcher 1.21 , one folder contains icon and start up script is done


just put the folder into Menu/GameShell/ , and the working directory will be the same as the folder

This looks intriguing. Is there an English translation?

I second this, it looks like an interesting game, any english translation?

i saw this game in sony ps vita apparently the game playable in english. You have to edit the sdlpal.cfg just change the line “MessageFileName=m_chs.txt” to “MessageFileName=m_eng.txt”. hopefully it is the same for the gameshell port.

I think the startup dialog issue can be solved by changing the unix/Makefile around line 37 so that these flags are like this:


The directory issue can be solved by using a script to launch the game. Imagine your game is in /home/cpi/games/sdlpal/sdlpal, then you would put this in /home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/SDLPAL.sh:

cd /home/cpi/games/sdlpal && ./sdlpal

And remember to do

chmod +x /home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/SDLPAL.sh

so that it can be executed.

I haven’t been able to test more because I don’t have the data files, but if the game supports key rebinding, since the GS uses normal keys internally for the keypad buttons, it should be doable.

I wish I had access to the original files. I’ve seen some videos and the game looks like the kind of story-driven adventure I would enjoy.

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I am very happy that you are interested in SDLPal.

The offical freeware version of the original game was released here:
http://pal5.aigame100.com/pal5/download/98xjrq.html (Please find the download link in “点击免费下载仙剑奇侠传98柔情版”)

Please get the English translation here:

The discussion post:

BTW, as certain escape characters were re-enabled to support the mod pack of DREAM MOD, I would like to advise you to replace all the character of ’ to ’ in the translation file of m_eng.txt (
v3.2) with any text editor in order to get the correct result, or you could wait for the next release of the English translation.


Yes, you are right!
Don’t forget to download the English translation first :grin:

Yes, if there is no FLTK, you could disable the GUI config page.
Since game pad is supported, the keyboard key mapping is hard coded in input.c.
If SDLPAL is built with SDL2, GLSL shader files of Retroarch are supported . Enable it like this:


If you like stronger contrast and saturation, please set EnableHDR=1.

I posted the data files download page link as well as the English translation page link just now. :grin:

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I managed to run the game with DosBOX in RetroArch on GameShell. Here is a tutorial I wrote for the setup process, though it’s in Chinese https://aifreedom.com/technology/274

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Hi, can you play it? I can not play this game for dosbox.

I did. My original post’s commands had some problems. Just corrected them. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I downloaded SDL PAL is running ok!

Cool. I’d assume SDL PAL has better performance since it runs natively in the system while DOSBOX is an emulator.