I hate staggered pixels. it's a disaster! can anyone replace its screen?

Hi guys, can anyone replace its screen, I hate staggered pixels. it’s a disaster!

I don’t want to replace it with a bigger LCD, I just want an LCD without staggered pixels, can anyone help me please? :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_thermometer:

Hello! Welcome to the forums. There were a few posts covering this. Obviously this one, but ignore the fact that it has a bigger screen. You could no doubt use the pin outs for the adaptor board to suit whatever display you want to use.

Here’s a compatibility criterion you can follow regarding: ordering a display.

Since this is a very similar topic to ones already started, I’ll just post this here, re: discussions on staggered pixels. As mentioned, I’m personally a fan of it. Pixel perfect renditions of older games simply doesn’t work without a lot of extra post processing, and a larger/higher resolution display.

It’s worth mentioning that there was once some talk of clockwork working on a new screen. But with the state of the world being what it was, there may have been a delay.

Besides that, if you’re wanting a quick buy it now plug in solution, the game shell is a custom bit of hardware. You’ll have to do some modification to whatever you decide to put in. Not many people have done it, since it’s a lot of trouble.
See this post for some discussions re: people looking into getting it changed over.

Hopefully this will be enough of a start to get your next project up and running.

Thank you for helping me! Thank you so much!

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Haha! No worries. Yup, I’m Chinese as well, but was born in Australia; so my Chinese is TERRIBLE! I’ll just reply in English to save myself the embarrassment.
I’m curious to see what you manage to come up with and get!

I think I read somewhere that they might be doing an updated CPI board for the Gameshell. If that managed to go ahead, I’m also guessing that they will release a screen with it; possibly a higher resolution since it would be able to run it better. But I’m just guessing here.

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No chinese. Thank you.

If you want to use chinese go to the chinese area of the forum, or if you just want to talk with javelinface, use direct messages.