Is it possible to attach a larger LCD to the CPI?


I just ordered my GameShell and I’m really excited! I apologize if my question could be answered by any documentation included in the box, or by physically inspecting the hardware. Since I haven’t received my GameShell yet, I only have access to the documentation on GitHub (which I’ve been pouring over).

So with that out of the way, here’s my question. I’m thinking about 3D printing a custom shell and attaching a 3.5 inch screen to the CPI (with the same 320x240 resolution). I’m trying to find a screen that would work with the CPI.

The Clockwork Mainboard Schematic on GitHub appears to show the pinout of the “LCD_FPC_CON” on the last page. Here’s a picture of that section:

I’ve been looking around, and I can’t find an LCD screen that has this pin configuration. (But I’m new to electronics, so maybe I’m just missing something obvious.)

Is this a standard configuration? If so, does it have a name that I can use in my searches? In another thread, I saw @aewens describe it as a “18-bit RGB display interface”.

But it looks like different LCDs can support this interface while having different pin configurations.

Besides the pin-configuration issue, there’s also the issue of the LCD driver. Judging by the CPI kernel patch, I can see that it is using a “STARTEK KD027 LCD Driver”. (So I assume the LCD is made by Shenzhen Startek? Do they make a 3.5 inch LCD that would be compatible with the CPI? I couldn’t find one, but I also don’t know what exactly to look for.)

In order to use a different screen with the CPI, is it correct to assume that the kernel would need to use a different LCD driver? (Unless of course the other screen was happily compatible with the “kd027-lcd” driver.)

Anyway, I guess to wrap it all up, what I really want to know is: Can I connect a larger LCD (with the same 320x240 resolution) to the CPI and make it work? If so, what are the steps involved?

Sorry for the long question! Thanks for reading it,

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I want more info on this Maxwell the module design is cool would like to put a crystal clear screen in but need a smart person haha

Just wondering, couldnt you use the HDMI output? I saw a kiosk in an electronics store using that hooked up to a full size monitor

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steve is entirely correct. a mini HDMI -> HDMI adaptor will run you like $30USD on amazon, and I’ve used it without issue. add a BT controller and you have a full emulation system on a monitor.