I printed a desktop stand for DevTerm (STL file attached)

DevTerm’s keyboard is really bad, and I usually use it with an external keyboard, trackball and expansion screen, so I just used an FDM 3D printer to print a desktop stand for it. I modeled it in Fusion 360, and considering where it sits on the tabletop, the stand is tilted back at a 75-degree angle to the tabletop. Since FDM printers generally have a certain degree of precision problems, and the PLA material is slightly rough after printing, in order to avoid scratching the surface of DevTerm, a redundancy of about 1mm is reserved for each internal length and width.

Since I am still learning to use Fusion 360, the overall details of this desktop stand are not rich, and the details may be added in the future to make a version 2.0.

Here is the STL file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wa0DLV_3l-R_Vkp0DdV1GuqVGlmW54OI/view