What pose do you use Devterm

how to protect your cervical sping and eyes by chosen a better pose to use Devterm? the only answer is make the Devterm to some angle.

which bracket are qualified for DevTerm? i’ve browsed hundreds of bracket for my Devterm, some designed for notebook, ipad, and smart phone, luckily i’ve found one is very close to my suppose.

dose it meet my requirements? yes, almost it dose, but i’ve made 2 changes to let it more steady to support DevTerm while i am working on it.

one is add some rubber mat on its surface to support devterm, when you turn over devterm you’ll find the bottom is uneven, so i measured which point need more mat to make it even, i’ve found 2 points.

another is reform its feet otherwise it would be crashed when i make a heavy hit on the enter key.


well, I thought there is a stand behind the devterm. Now I realize that it is flat.

Yeah, it’s flat - ish. Here’s a side view:

Those (painful, if you’re trying to use it on your lap) plastic “feet” coupled with the wedge that sticks out to provide room for the batteries give it small tilt; adding the paper cassette to the back tilts it forward some more.

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you are right, but you can find it isn’t flat when you touch the middle line of the bottom with a ruler. that is the real actually zone where my bracket support devterm :face_with_monocle:

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it isn’t a real scene when i typing on devterm, i need more slope angle. :grinning:

I’m very curious what software that is, it looks so nice! ._.

vscode! You can get it with apt.

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AArch64/ARM64 tar.gz (0.12.15)

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Oop, I’m full of bologna. Vscode does bang tho.

Here’s what I use the thermal paper holder for; a convenient kick stand. It’s remarkable stable.

Here’s my typing on it, albeit with one hand, because I’m filming with the other.