I still didn't receive a tracking number


Anyone from the thread got his tracking number? I was supposedly going to get mine this week.


Just received mine, IGG #471


I just received my tracking also


I’ve just received mine as well.


I haven’t received the tracking number yet.

Contribution ID: 497


Also checking in, have not received tracking number, I am a Kickstarter Backer from last year


@yong told me that my shipment will be in the next window this was almost a month ago. Till today, no package and no tracking number. I guess that it doesn’t matter if you are a Kickstart or an Indiegogo backer.


Just received my FedEx tracking number 30 minutes ago, thank you @yong and clockwork team for all your hard work.


Yep i also received my tracking no. :wink::+1: thanks to @yong

Can’t wait to hold this beauty in my own hands…


Am i the only one that still haven’t received the tracking no. ? @yong


I haven’t received my tracking number. :sob: IGG backer # 521, 522 @yong


Hello @yong,

I have not received tracking or product.
Backer number 546 kickstarter.


@all you don’t need to add Yong to each of your messages. He is there and read your messages, don’t need to add that much noise.

And if you need to contact CPI, the best is still to contact them by email: help@clockworkpi.com