I still didn't receive a tracking number


order #482. (07/05/2018).

I still don’t even have a tracking number. Last mail with official support answered that I was going to receive tracking number last week.
I am really running out of patience. Order should be already here months ago.
Could you guys please tell me what is wrong?


Based on your order date I believe you’re in the second batch being sent out which as far as I’m aware hasn’t been sent. You need to include @yong in your message to get a reply or email the help email address for assistance.

Remember that it’s an up and coming project so things can be delayed or go wrong. I’ve still not received mine since I ordered in March due to customs however it’s coming and based on the reviews etc it’ll be worth the wait. It’s probably the best handheld on the market right now.

@yong @hal

Hi, same problem here. I ordered mine on 9th june directly over Hal (email). Hal wrote me that i should receive tracking id at end of july. Now it’s end of august and i still waiting on the device and therefore also for a tracking id.

I know that delays could happend and i’m fine with it, but i just want to know when i receive tracking id and when i could estimate shipping.

Transaction ID: 1CR302522G6696339

Thanks for replay

@Christian_Meier We have sent out your package along with second batch Indiegogo backers, you will receive tracking number very soon.

@yong sounds great :smiley: thank you

Update here: Last mail I had (two weeks ago), again more problems. It seems they had one week delay. According to that mail we should already have tracking number as it was a 1 week delay.
No clue of my tracking number yet. If I don’t get my tracking number soon I will be asking for a refund.

@Christian_Meier did you receive tracking number?


Were did you backed the Gameshell? Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Indiegogo in my case

Not all IGG has been send, they had more on the first batch than Kickstarter backers so they send to some IGG (probably in order, I don’t know) they are making the second batch at the moment and will send to the remaining IGG bakers.

I don’t know were you are in that process, if you were part of the first or will be part of the second.

@jl1990 nope, also no tracking nr. here… But i think we have to be patient… I will wait for another week and hope that we received it in the meantime.

@yong do you have some news for us conserning the shipping status? Thanks buddy

Indiegogo users who backed after April and some Kickstarter users who did not provide shipping address in the survey will receive their GameShell in September. In fact the packages were sent to our shipping company last month, however the shipping was affected because of the UK battery problem, we don’t want to make the same mistake twice. We have sent test packages via FedEx, if received OK, all of these second batch packages will be sent through FedEx just to be safe.

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Did this include orders being shipped to Australia? Contributor 483 on IGG.

Yes, all remaining IGG orders will be sent by FedEx this Friday.

I have still not received a tracking number, while I am an IGG backer. Is there another delay at FedEx?

Same issue here. I have not received my tracking number as well. I am an IGG backer ID 454.

Did not get my tracking num tilll now.
indiegogo ## Contribution ID 465.

I also haven’t received a tracking number. IGG backer # 528

All IGG backer number > 418, your package has been shipped via FedEx, tracking number will be sent to you later this week.

I’m also waiting for tracking no. - do you have some news for me? Thanks @yong

@Christian_Meier Your package has also been shipped via FedEx in last week, tracking number will be sent to you later this week.