Any update on shipping at all?

It’s been over 60 business days (which is a really gross way of stating that, it feels like the goal is tricking people, just say 12 weeks if you’re not trying to be deceptive), and I haven’t had a single update on my order, let alone a shipping confirmation.

Where are the updates at guys? There was No indication when I made my order that these weren’t in stock, or that the shipping time was an estimate. Everything indicated that I was purchasing something, not pre-ordering something that was still being manufactured, or even just queued for manufacture.

It would be one thing if I’d received any update over the course of three months, but instead the response to someone who’s inquired about the wait has been “it hasn’t been 60 business days quit complaining”.

Now it has. I ordered on Dec 5. I’d like an update at the very least, please.


Same situation here. :frowning:


@yong @Godzil any word? I know that supply chains everywhere have insane issues right now, but that doesn’t affect your ability to communicate with your customers. Even just a “we’ve encountered the following difficulties, and don’t have an eta but will keep you apprised” would be totally valid and appreciated (or would have been, had you been forthcoming without needing goading).


Same situation here. I ordered on the first day of the year 2022.

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It’s been five business days since I posted this guys come on

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same here. order placed on Dec. 6, 2021. :disappointed:

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Thanks for the link! Nice to know they haven’t just scammed us, but an actual update would be nice.

@AlexDuan @yong @Godzil its been nearly a month since that post, and the take away then was “everything is on track at least for now”. Have there been no other updates? Is an email too much to ask for? Or a response?


Same concern here. I have just ordered a RISC V compute module today even before I got any shipping notice of my Gameshell that was ordered last year. I know COVID situation is getting tight in Shenzhen. Some updates are appreciated.


Could you not ping me for such questions? I’m not CPi, nor working for them. Thanks

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Oh, I’m so sorry! I had seen some authoritative looking posts from you in the past and just assumed! My apologies :pray:

It emailed me only three days before my devterm was delivered to my hands.
So,just wait and wait.

No, I cancelled the order.

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I placed the order on the 1st Jan, and rcvd the packages the other day.The GS is good.

twiddles thumbs while waiting for update

I placed my order on Feb 4th, I got my Gameshell yesterday in good condition.

Did they give you any heads-up about shipment? Or did it just show up? Only thing i’ve ever seen after ordering was my order confirmation email. :slight_smile:


They did give me an update from my email where it says my order is on its way and was able to track the shipment to keep up with delivery updates.

FWIW: I placed my order Dec 13th, and it just arrived today, April 27th.

I order at the Christmas time and now it is shipped, hope yours is on the way as well.