Increasing run-time

I have ordered both CM4 and R-01 versions to play with. One thing I would like to explore is getting more than 5 hours of runtime out of it. Has anyone connected a larger pack, etc.?

Also, what is the difference in runtime between the two, assuming mostly development (no games, heavy graphics, etc.)

I dunno about the rest of it… since I don’t even have mine to test with yet… But I I am certain… The #1 factor is getting a great battery to put in… Samsung 35e… or Sony vtc5a? Lg mj1?.. many batteries are super overrated …

I had some that claimed 6,000 mAh, but I also have a tester. They actually came in between 600 and 800 mAh. The other instantly noticeable thing was they were so light. Good cells from known good sources weigh way more.

there is a great thread on the DevTerm on battery choice - I have ~2800 mah batteries from the battery store - they have lasted more than two years but they do have a life on the devterm (without printing) of only ~4 hours (depending on back light) … but since I have a way to recharge it’s not an issue . I used the DevTerm to ssh a linux laptop during an event I supported as a volunteer. I may have used it for several hours…

I have the CM4 uConsole with two Samsung 35E cells (so 7Ah * 3.7V makes well above 25Wh) and when I put the governor to powersaving and reduce the backlight brightness, the litte machine runs fricking forever.


There have been counterfeit cells where they pack the center full of plastic wrapped sand, so weight isnt a great measure for quality either.

Can you describe freaking forever with a number? :slight_smile: I am really looking for something to code on without access to an outlet for extended periods. If I could bring few of extra sets of batteries and be able to use it for 25-30 hours total, that would be ideal.

these values are already graphed very well in this post.

so… with a set of samsung 30Q’s you will get this graph… or better…

get yourself a set of samsing 35E’s and you will get even better!


I would advise against bringing extra batteries, since they are more difficult to swap than they were on the DevTerm (I own both devices). While on the DevTerm I have hot swapped 18650s, I am using an external power bank for the uConsole.

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It should not be hard to switch out the 18650 holder on the battery board with a 21700 holder, you’ll get about 40-80% more battery life, depending on the 21700 you use.

Sans the size change 21700 are drop in replacements for 18650 from a circuitry stand point. Same voltage, just much higher capacity. (Charging circuit uses voltage to measure capacity, so uConsole will have no issue charging them to full.)

Looks like 3,500 mAH to 5,000mAH, but longer by 5mm and wider by 3mm. Hmm, definitely something to look at, once I get my uConsoles. Thanks!

I have the DevTerm in the field I have a power box with USB out - I use that to keep the DevTerm charged while in heavy use. (Power box is 12 volt battery - lipo4fe - has usb , 12 volt, anderson power poles…)