Increasing the battery capacity, the easy way!

All you need is a tiny portable charger, some velcro tape and a mini usb lead. Charger is no wider then the game shell, is secure, and actually feels great with the extra depth and weight! And best of all, in that position the cable doesn’t get in the way, just goes straight through your fingers when using the light keys!

The charger is an Anker 10000 (first model, the second is bigger)

Anyone got any better suggestions for securing this thing? Although this works way better then I thought it would!

image image image

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You could gorilla glue some of the very thin Lego strips onto the battery pack and then attach it to the GS. Before glueing though I’d try holding it on with the Lego to make sure it’s a decent fit.

Regular Lego fits! I tried, but even the thin ones add just that little too much extra depth.

Also the 15cm cable if you keep it plugged into the game shell, and unplug from the battery pack, it slots perfectly down the side. It’s nice and secure and tidy it all up!